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(Receiver of Fines)

Request certificates from the Receiver of Fines Sheriff against named persons or entities.

Receiver of Fines certificates set out whether a Receiver (of Fines) has, pursuant of the Fines (Payment and Recovery Act) 2014, been appointed under section 8(1)(a)) to recover fines. 

The power of a receiver so appointed includes the power to seize real property and exceeds those powers already bestowed in sheriffs for enforcement of tax warrants and court orders. As a result, the Law Society of Ireland recommends that ‘…it will now be necessary to carry out a search in the receiver/sheriff’s office prior to closing a sale or a mortgage against all property, both leasehold and freehold…’.

Moreover, the Law Society practice notes states that ‘…The [Receiver of fines] search should be done against the name of the vendor/mortgagor in the office of the receiver of fines where the property is located…’.

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