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As a provider of legal and ancillary services since 1890, Ellis & Ellis occupies a unique position of both longevity and perspective in the law searching industry. In our ongoing partnership with large, small, and multi-disciplined practices, we regularly encounter certain ‘gaps in understanding’. This is particularly so when it comes to conducting ‘title investigation’ searches, but also affects other stand-alone search types.

While eminently experienced, Ellis & Ellis are not solicitors and, as such, do not and cannot provide legal opinion. However, our intention is to lend some of the 130 years of that insight to the more commonplace queries that arise from time to time. With this in mind, we trust you will find the following articles helpful.

Judgment (Lis Pendens) Searches – An Ellis & Ellis Explainer

What is a Lis Pendens? Literally the term translates from its original Latin as ‘Pending Litigation’ and refers to burdens registered against property in situations where there are Circuit or High Court proceedings still deemed to be in progress or still pending.  In reference to Section 69 (1) (i) of the Registration of Title Act 1964, the act describes the type of burdens which may be registered as affecting registered land. Included in those are: –  ‘…(i) any judgment mortgage, recognizance, State bond, inquisition or Judgment (Lis Pendens), whether existing before or after the first registration of the land;…’ Why should

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Company (Legal Entity) Searches – An Ellis & Ellis Explainer

What is a Company search? A company search is a search against the registered name or number of a legal entity recorded in the registers of the Companies Registration Office (CRO), which is the ‘…central repository of public statutory information on Irish companies and business names….’. This type of search can be conducted instantaneously for registered users via our proprietary website at  Why should the purchasing solicitor/ conveyancer search for a company when investigating title in a property/ right/ interest purchase? There are several reasons why a company search might be conducted as part of the conveyancing process. The

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Bankruptcy Searches – An Ellis & Ellis Explainer

What is Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a process where, for a person who is wholly or partially unable to repay their debts (both secured and unsecured), a compromise with creditors is agreed and approved, and entered into with the court’s oversight. The intention of the bankruptcy process is to equitably allocate your assets among your creditors and in turn provide safeguards for bankruptees from these same creditors. This reallocation process is conducted through a court official (the Official Assignee in Bankruptcy), who administers the Bankruptcy Division of the Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI). Why should the purchasing solicitor/ conveyancer search for

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