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We Have a Deep Understanding of Our Clients needs

Ellis & Ellis provide a comprehensive law searching and title investigation service, with coverage throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland in all state and semi-state record repositories. We conduct planning and licensing searches in all local authorities throughout Ireland, and cover all aspects of probate searching. We provide a full range of company searches and reports and, through our excellent contacts, also offer this service on a worldwide basis.

Our Law Agency division provides a full lodging, stamping, and filing service at the Central Office and other state offices. We also attend counsel in the various courts.

With a pedigree in providing quality and professional ancillary legal services since 1890; you can always trust Ellis & Ellis.

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Closing / Conveyancing Searches

Get closing search results on registered title in seconds. Order offline searches at the same time.

Land Registry, Planning & Title Investigation Searches

We offer a wide range of Land Registry, Planning and Title Investigation services, via our easy-to-use ordering platform.

Town Agency

We provide a full Town Agency service at all State and Semi- State repositories, including lodging, stamping, bespeaking and attending on Counsel.

Company & Legal Entity Search

Get CRO company reports instantly and in Real -Time. Search for ICAVs, beneficial ownership, petitions to wind-up, directorships and much more.

Personal, Debt, Probate & Asset Discovery Searches

Search against individuals for debt, fitness & probity, probate, and asset discovery matters. Request copy certificates and official documents.

UK, International,
& Miscellaneous Searches

With a broad, deep, and diverse knowledge base; our staff like the difficult stuff. Why not put us to the test?

Closing / Conveyancing Searches

Ellis & Ellis provide a comprehensive closing search service for conveyancing solicitors and property professionals. Online search results are returned within seconds; with the vast majority of manual searches (offline) returned at the requested time; or for the required future time and date. We blend a quick and easy-to-use ordering platform, with deep company-wide knowledge to deliver a superior conveyancing search process.

Land Registry, Planning & Title Investigation Searches

Ellis & Ellis provide a comprehensive land/ title investigation search facility, which encompasses the identification of property ownership, historical ownership, and recorded boundaries, etc. for both registered or unregistered title.

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We provide a full Legal Agency Service at Circuit Court, High Court, the Registry of Deeds, Probate Office, Land Registry, Licensing Office and all other State and Semi State repositories.

Our town agency services include the following:

  • Lodging and Filing of documents
  • Stamping
  • Bespeaking and taking up of Courts Orders (when perfected)
  • Inspection of Court Files
  • Attending Counsel

Company & Legal Entity Search

Our reports provide, amongst other matters, details as to the designation (status), previous name(s), registered offices, type of company, incorporation details, and dates of last and next annual returns.

Where applicable, our reports also provide details of all Mortgages, debentures, forms of undertaking, and other charges registered against a company’s assets; and sets out whether they those charges have been satisfied or not.

Amongst the registers searched include the following:

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UK, International
& Miscellaneous Searches

Ellis & Ellis have been in existence for over 130 years and in that time have been Pedigree Compilers, Genealogical Researchers, Law Searchers, and Patent Searching Agents. With these diverse roles over time, there has also come experience and some requests for the weird and wonderful. With a broad, deep, and diverse knowledge base, our staff like a bit of a challenge. Why not put us to the test? Some of the more distinct registers we search against include the following: