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Company Searches

Our reports provide, amongst other matters, details as to the designation (status), previous name(s), registered offices, type of company, incorporation details, and dates of last and next annual returns.

Reports also provide details of all Mortgages, debentures, forms of undertaking, and other charges registered against a company’s assets; and sets out whether those charges have been satisfied or not.

As well as including details of current directors and secretaries, the search result reports on all statutory information filed by Irish companies.

Other Registers reported on in the Companies Office include the:-

  • Register of Business Names
  • Register of Friendly Societies Searches for Registration details
  • Register of Beneficial Ownership Searches for companies and Industrial and Provident Societies
  • Register of Industrial and Provident Societies

Note: Documentation (Scans) on the above are available upon request.

Ellis & Ellis also provide company searches in the UK and worldwide.

Searches for other legal entities on registers held in the Central Bank of Ireland, such as Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle (ICAV) and Credit Unions are available upon request.  See full list of registers searched in the Central Bank of Ireland here.

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