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Register of Licences Searches

Request searches on the various registers for current licencees, licence types, and endorsements. We provide searches facilities for:-

  • Register Intoxicating Liquor Licences for ‘particulars of all licences for the sale of intoxicating liquors existing in respect of premises within the court area and of all renewals, transfers, convictions, and other proceedings affecting the said licences’. 
  • Register of Clubs showing details of the name of the clubs in and the court area; details of the date of granting of and renewal of the certificate of registration; the address of the club; the names and addresses of the committee and officials of the club and so forth.
  • Restaurant Certificates
  • Public Dance Licences
  • Public Music & Singing Licences

We also conduct historical licensing searches (pre 1900 to date) on premises as potential part of a first licensing application process.

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