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Judgment (Debt/ Money) searches

Search for Judgment (Debt/ Money) entries against individuals or legal entities, registered in the last 12 years.

When monies are owed by a person or a legal entity the courts may issue a ruling stating that the creditor (or other plaintiff) is entitled to a certain amount of money. Once the creditor has obtained a judgment, the creditor can employ a host of methods to collect the money that are unavailable without a judgment.

By registering the debt judgment (Debt/ Money) in the register maintained by the Central Office of the High Court, the creditor makes it public that there is a judgment against the person or entity, which may impact on their ability to borrow. Judgments from the District Court, the Circuit Court and the High Court * may all be registered.

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Judgments of the Superior Courts (Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court) and of the Circuit Court for a liquidated sum [i.e., judgments which require the payment of a sum of money] are capable of being registered as judgment mortgages. A decree of the District Court for a liquidated sum is also capable of being registered as a judgment mortgage (Section 24 of the Courts Act, 1981).